Listening to Your Painting

"Listening to your painting"

October 9 at 3:06 PM · I really didn’t expect this to happen today but you have to start somewhere.

October 9 at 5:18 PM · Now you can see the underpainting that got painted over today. My intention was very different from what came out of the end of the brush. Letting go and allowing the creative process to take over is the miraculous part of painting.

October 16 at 11:48 AM · My desire for simplicity lead me in this direction. Today is another day with an open vision.

October 16 at 5:49 PM · The color of the land in the middle ground was really bothering me. I repainted all the land masses today in hopes that they read better in value from front to back. Basically I adjusted the entire painting.

October 17 at 3:45 PM · Inspired by last night’s sunset I pushed the intensity of color in the sky and water reflection.

October 24 at 4:03 PM · The more I paint the more passionate I become with subtleties: edges, value and color. This 30x40 oil on canvas is what I have been obsessing over all month. The image on the right is a detail. Working on the small acrylics helped me push this larger painting even further today. TIME FOR FINAL FRIDAY THIS WEEK!!!

Listening to Your Painting

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